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April 7, 2021 — The No Starch Press Foundation (NSPF) today announced the opening of its 2021 Grant Cycle, and will accept applications from now until 11:59 p.m. PST on Monday, Sept. 6, 2021. NSPF will award up to $100,000 USD in grants of no less than $10,000 each to projects that are designed to grow the worldwide hacker community, and support STE(A)M education initiatives.

Apply here.

“Hackers globally and of all types, both old and new school, play an increasingly important role in driving innovation, improving computer security, teaching our young people, and growing our collective knowledge,” says NSPF Founder and Chair of the Board, Bill Pollock. “The Foundation was formed to further this mission through our grant program, which is designed to directly support the global hacking community.”

Eligible applicants include hackers of all ages, wherever they reside, whatever the discipline. NSPF encourages applications that support projects ranging from machine learning and new AI programming languages, to quantum computing, cybersecurity, privacy research, and the like. The Foundation also encourages applications from small organizations, students or student groups, and individuals with project proposals that include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Promoting global public awareness of elite engineering skills
  • Supporting and advancing learning in elite engineering skills

NSPF will have three (3) stages in the review process, and applicants who qualify will be notified at each stage. Final award recipients will be announced on October 3, 2021 – “National Techies Day” – via the Foundation’s website: https://nostarchfoundation.org/.

The No Starch Press Foundation is an IRS 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt public non-profit corporation created to support and grow the collective knowledge and contributions of the worldwide hacker community.

We support hackers of all types, wherever you are in the world, regardless of experience — whether that’s the passionate beginner or the lifelong hacker wishing to make a broader contribution to the hacker community and the world.

The Foundation was formed to give back to and strengthen the hacking community. It’s founder, Bill Pollock, has been closely involved with the hacking community since about 1999 and much of the success of his company, No Starch Press, is due to the support of the worldwide hacking community. The Foundation has grown through the support of the public and generous donations from customers of Humble Bundle, and Pollock’s initial $800,000 donation. The funding will be used to help strengthen and expand the hacking community, by educating the public about hacking and working to create safe and central places for the hacking community.

Planned Activities

The Foundation was built to support people with a hacking mindset who have yet to find a supportive community of hackers. Hackers attend conferences to meet other people in the community, find social support, share their research, and to improve their understanding of complex technical topics. Hackers may also be found at one of well over 2000 hackerspaces, many independently run and others cropping up in schools and libraries across the world.

The No Starch Press Foundation will:

  • Offer financial support to STEM initiatives such as robotics clubs and research projects, and to promising software or product development projects conducted by public charity nonprofit corporations.
  • Support contests, scholarships, educational programs and will work to connect hackers with recognized leaders and experts who can help them to further their knowledge and interests.
  • Sponsor educational presentations and resources geared towards technical people learning about hacking and to help introduce the public to the hacking community.
  • Support the young hacker. Offer financial support to allow young hackers to pursue their education goals. These hackers often lack the support and understanding of family and friends.

Support for STEM Initiatives

One of the Foundation’s goals is to build the hacker community by supporting STEM education in poorer neighborhoods through programs designed to interest grade school children in electronics, robotics, and similar activities.

Educational Presentations and Resources

The Foundation will sponsor presentations, talks, and other learning resources at hackerspaces and maker spaces. The Foundation will work to help self-taught hackers land their first real tech jobs, develop a career, and establish themselves in the hacking community.

Support for Contests, Scholarships, and Other Programs

The Foundation will support contests that challenge hackers to solve many of the world’s problems, particularly programs and contests being run by other organizations to advance the involvement of middle schoolers interested in entering STEM fields.

Support for Young Hackers

Support for young hackers will include the financial support of educational events and meetups including social, educational, and emotionally oriented meetups designed to address depression and suicide in the hacker community, often brought on by isolation and misunderstanding of the aims and interests of a hacker, as well as supporting the initiatives of other nonprofit corporations.

The Foundation will support these activities through donations from the general public, corporate grants, and funding from other public charities. The Foundation has already generated substantial interest from a number of prominent individuals in the hacking community who wish to donate, volunteer on the Board, and help support it’s mission.

Meet Our Board

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